Blackboard 9.1

Q. What is Blackboard?
A. Blackboard is a Course Management System that allows faculty to deliver course material electronically. It offers tools such as discussion boards, e-mail, and chat that allow documents and web pages to be displayed. Blackboard can be used as a supplement to a traditional course, in a hybrid course, or online course.

Q. How do get to the Blackboard site?
A. From the JSU homepage, select Blackboard in the Quick Link menu at the bottom of the page. The Blackboard logon link is located on the top left corner of the page.

Q. What username and password do I use to log into Blackboard?
A. You will use your NetID to log into Blackboard. Your username is your Jnumber (include the J) and your password is the password that was created inside of PAWS

Q. I forgot or never created a NetID. How do I obtain one?
A. Log into JSU PAWS from the JSU homepage. Select the Activate NetID, Change NetID Password link twice. Your password must be at least seven characters long and a combination of letters, numbers, and symbol.
Examples: Tiger09

Q. I do not know my JNumber. How do I obtain it?
A. If you do not know your J-Number, contact the ID Center 601-979-2407

Q. I do not know my pin. How do I obtain a pin number?
A. Go to the PAWS site, enter your JNumber and click do not know my pin button. You pin should be six numbers.

Q. My professor told me to complete a Blackboard orientation. How do I complete the orientation?
A. To complete the Blackboard orientation, go to the Blackboard website and select the Student Orientation link. Information for registering for the orientation is found on this site.

Q. I completed WebCT orientation, am I required to complete the Blackboard orientation?
A. As of Fall 2011, all students must complete the Blackboard orientation.

Q. Do I have to complete the orientation each semester?
A. No, you are only required to complete the orientation one time.

Q. The school that I came from used Blackboard. Am I required to complete the orientation?
A. All students are required by Academic Affairs to complete the orientation once.

Q. When I log into Blackboard, I do not see the content my professor told me to access. What do I do?
A. Please contact your professor to verify the location of the content in your course.

Q. My professor said we were using Blackboard, yet when I log into Blackboard I do not see their course?
A. Please call the Blackboard helpdesk at 601-979-0245 for assistance.

Q. I was purged from my course and no longer have access to Blackboard. What do I do?
A. Once all financial obligations have been completed and you are re-enrolled in your course, access to Blackboard will be granted within the next 4 hours.

Q. I need assistance with Blackboard. Who do I contact?
A. Contact the Blackboard helpdesk at 601-979-0245 or send an email to ude.smusj|draobkcalb#ude.smusj|draobkcalb

Q. Is Blackboard assistance available after 5 and on the weekend?
A. No, assistance is only available 8:00-5:00 Monday -Friday

Q. What are the system requirments to use Blackboard?
A. Supported Browsers